8 Oct 2008

Leadership … From Big Pharma to Biotech

It has long been understood that organizational complexity and risk stand out as the primary differences between large pharmaceutical companies versus biotechnology and smaller, more specialized pharma companies. Because of these differences, leadership within these two types of organizations requires varying skill sets.

To discover exactly what it takes to lead a successful biotechnology or specialty pharmaceutical company, Partners with the retained executive search firm Heritage Partners International (HPI), recently spoke with eight leaders of life sciences companies who have held senior leadership positions at both big pharma companies (large and specialty) and biotechnology companies.

Their findings prompted an insightful and revealing article that will appear in the October issue of “Med Ad News”, and will also be available online at www.medadnews.com.
“We really enjoyed the interaction with these inspiring individuals”, noted Heritage Partners’ Kevin Butler, “and we learned a lot about the consistent experiences that they share and that have led to their success. Not surprisingly, the skills that predict success are very consistent”.

The executives that Mr. Butler and HPI Partner Tig Conger, spoke with are currently leading three different types of biotechnology or specialty pharmaceutical companies: early stage; venture capital backed; as well as publicly traded companies. Their discussions with......


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