8 Oct 2008

Biotech To Drive Economic Corridors | Malaysia

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said biotechnology is expected to drive the economic corridors in further developing various sectors like agriculture and energy.

"Biotechnology will be used in the economic corridors to develop the agricultural sector, benefit the environment, influence energy resources and the future development of scientists," he said at the opening of BioMalaysia 2008, here today.

"I would like to see biotechnology drive all the economic corridors. These are areas where the population is multiracial and it will improve their quality of life," he added.Abdullah said biotechnology had tremendous influence in the direction of the country's future while posing a challenge to industry players to innovate products and technologies.

"It will also influence future courses introduced in universities and become a huge trend," he added.Abdullah said he hoped biotechnology would result in Malaysians having a more healthy, vibrant and active lifestyle.Abdullah said Malaysia must continue to work towards building biotechnology not only as an economic sector but as a sustainable ecosystem, where scientific disoveries from local or foreign research institutions are developed for the use and betterment of the people, through a vibrant and accomodative business environment.

"The promise of biotechnology is undeniable. For Malaysia, this means a long term commitment towards exploring biotechnology's potential and also making the most of its benefits," he said.He noted that the aim and spirit of the national biotechnology policy, launched three years ago must continue, even if its implementation or approach is altered.

He added that with the commitment and collective efforts of the government and the private sector, biotechnology is set to become a significant contributor to the socio-economic well being of all Malaysians.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili at a press conference after the launch said Malaysia was well positioned to attract foreign investments in biotechnology despite the global economic slowdown.

He said with the country expected to post a growth of 5.5 percent this year, Malaysia could still absorb the shock of external factors.He added that the global uncertainty was an opportunity for Malaysia as foreign investors could move their investments here."Malaysia can be an alternative place for them to park their money," he said.

Source Brenama.com

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