8 Oct 2008

France Biotechnology Industry 2007 / 2008 dented by financial crisis

France Biotech, the association of French life science companies ( www.france-biotech.org), is to present the results of its annual survey of the biotechnology industry, "The France Biotech Annual Biotechnology Industry Report 2007 / 2008, at the EuroBiO 2008 Congress in Paris.

The report is in two parts: one part presents the key figures and major trends on the international scene while the other, comprising a survey conducted by France Biotech among French companies in the biotech sector - and provides a detailed examination of funding (venture capital, IPOs, SPOs, alliances, etc.), stakes, tendencies and initiatives and fields of applications, with various tables describing the situation in France and internationally).

"Although the promise that marked the biotech sector in 2007 was dented by the maelstrom on the international financial markets, the series of reforms, certain of which were inspired or supported by France Biotech, resulted in improvement of the environment for innovative biotechnology companies and SMEs, particularly through attribution of the Young Innovative Company Status (YIC), which has become a reference label for entrepreneurs, .............


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