12 Jan 2009

2nd World Congress Of Industrial Biotechnology-2009

2nd World Congress Of Industrial Biotechnology-2009

With warmly support and great contributions from our participants, BIT's 1 st Congress of Industrial Biotechnology , with a theme of "New Starting Line for Decision Makers in Bio-economy Era", was held successfully on May 18, 2008 in Hangzhou, China. Totally, there were nearly 400 participants from more than 30 countries and regions attended the Congress. Dr. Nancy W. Y. Ho, Research Professor, School of Chemical Engineering, Purdue University, USA and Dr. James Zhang, VP of Business Development, Mendel Biotechnology, Inc. USA gave wonderful speeches at the keynote forum. Participants from universities, biotech companies and key-decision makers from government discussed the new achievements and trends of Industrial Biotechnology at 26 parallel sessions.

Following the successful outcome and encouraging results of the 1 st t congress, we are proud to announce the 2 nd congress to continually promote the developments of Industrial Biotechnology . The mission of this congress is to initiate a sustainable platform for exchanging up-to the minute upstream and downstream achievements, industrial needs and research opportunities of industrial biotechnology fields in Asia Pacific Rim. As Industrial Biotechnology is currently experiencing a dramatic increasing, it has become a key element of the interactions between nature and society and is considered a key input for Bio-economic development. This focused event pays tribute to the growing significance of Industrial Biotechnology , we cordially welcome you to join us and witness the advances in Industrial Biotechnology together.

The program of the coming 2 nd congress promises to be very interesting for both basic scientists and executives who are working in the field of biotechnology, they will offer complete updates of recent developments and present the latest products and technologies which can be used to make our lives less polluted. Separate sessions will target Renewable Bio-energy & Biofuels; Industrial Enzymes & Microbiology; Bioprocesses for Therapeutics; Biomaterials and Chemical Bioprocesses; Environment and Cleantech Biotechnology; Marine Industrial Biotechnology respectively. Speakers will present state-of-the-art knowledge in this fast moving field. These sessions will certainly encourage the development of new scientific ideas and utilizations of Industrial Biotechnology .

Located in the northwest part of the country, Seoul is the capital of South Korea with a long history. As the host city of 1988 Summer Olympic Games, Seoul attracts thousands of tourists with its impeccable blend of the modern trails and the traditional ways. The modernity and the old cultures have interlinked with each other to create an intoxicating atmosphere in the city.

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