27 Dec 2008

O2h Wins Erbi Award - Innovation in Enabling Biotechnology

ERBI's Innovation in Enabling Bio-Technology Award 2008 was presented to Oxygen Healthcare Ltd (O2h) at the ERBI Winter Ball held at Duxford's Imperial War Museum. This award recognises the role O2h has played in developing technologies that facilitate drug discovery and development.

"To receive recognition for innovation from an organisation that hosts the largest bio cluster in Europe makes us extremely proud," said Sunil Shah, CEO and Head of Business Development who accepted this award from Lady Archer. "O2h was incorporated in 2003 and we have grown the company organically as owner-entrepreneurs from business plan," he added.

O2h, founded by brothers Prashant and Sunil Shah, is a 4+ year old, discovery services company. Its 90 employees work from a client project office in Cambridge, UK and its operations in Ahmedabad India. The current clients of O2h include several top 20 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the US, Europe and Japan. The Indian operation enables O2h to provide a high level of discovery expertise while its UK office provides project management support. O2h has set a target of becoming the 'Best Performing Discovery Services Company in the World' and has therefore set for itself the highest standards of performance with a particular emphasis on rapid interactive communications and delivery speed. The services include FTE-based synthetic chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Full services lab-units and ADME.

Commenting on the award, Prashant Shah, co-founder and COO of Oxygen Healthcare said: "I am delighted that O2h has won this award, it is a recognition that drug discovery has become truly global and of the hard work the team has put into ensuring fast results for our collaborations."

Contact: Ekta Ahuja, email: info@oxygenhealthcare.com, Tel: +91-2717-250262 / 63 / 64

SOURCE Oxygen Healthcare Ltd (O2h)

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