15 Nov 2009

Bio-Degradable USB stick

Hong Kong-based Hoshino, released of what it's designated "the world's first bio-degradable USB disk."

The key is also shaped like an ear of corn, so you can acknowledge your own greenness, every time you go to retrieve information.



It is made of polylactide(PLA). PLA uses annually renewable plant resources (corn) as raw material, which is fermented and distillated to produce lactic acid.

Followed by the process of dehydration polymerization, high-temp depolymerization, refining and finally polymerization, lactic acid is then transformed to PLA. Its products can be degraded to carbon dioxide and water by microorganisms in the soil after use and do no harm to the environment.


Have any questions?


rakesh said...


sonu said...

BT means BHARAT TOMAROW . it is shown by Bio Degradabl.

sudeep nit rourkela said...

what about chip used inside that usb....its not biodegardable..so if we throw that into soil it cant be decomposed by microbes..so we have to work to invent biodegaradable chip...!

buddy said...

its amazing. world needs product like this in all sectors.

Sameer said...

this is really cool!

priya said...

nice good one

priti said...

if its biodegradable wat abt its life span

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