17 Nov 2008

Another goof-up in MSc biotech exam

Nagpur University, it seems, will never learn from its mistakes. Tuesday’s MSc first semester biotechnology question paper had a couple of questions from the old syllabus. Last Friday too the varsity had committed the same blunder.

Students informed ToI that the marks allotted for individual questions were not mentioned in the entire paper. It only had total marks (75) at the top of the paper which, according to the students , is again violation of rules. No authority from the university was available for comments on this second blunder within four days.

The syllabus was changed from this academic year and the students were being taught as per that. However, on Friday, the invigilators told them that the university had sent only one paper — the one that had been set as per the old syllabus. TOI reported this issue on Saturday. Subsequently, the university authorities took cognisance of the students’ complaints and rescheduled Friday’s exam to November 17. There are 11 colleges in the Nagpur University which are conducting MSc biotechnology course with over 250 students.

In Tuesday’s exam, two sub-questions in question No. 2 were again drafted from the old syllabus, which the students simply failed to answer. Moreover, how many marks were allotted to those “out of syllabus” questions were not known since no individual marks were mentioned.

Various teachers of biotechnology confirmed the students’ claims and have demanded that, since this is a university faux pas, grace marks be awarded to them to save their academic year.

A senior varsity official blamed communication gap amongst the university authorities and a lackadaisical attitude. “After Friday’s blunder the authorities set the second paper as per new syllabus. But all this has been done in haste, leading to blunders,” he said.


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Anonymous said...

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